About.The Idea and the Mission.

Help people connect data

ConnectionStrings.com is providing an easy reference for connection strings. A knowledge base of articles and how-tos on subjects related to data source - software connections, and also a set of Q & A forums, where developers help each other to find connection related solutions for their systems.

Extensive reference content

There are hundreds of connection strings samples for both common and un-common providers, drivers and class libraries listed in this database. The content have been compiled from the internet, books and help files. Lots of connection strings, articles, and other information have been submitted by fellow developers from all over the world. Thank you!


ConnectionStrings.com was founded early in 1998. At that time it was a tiny website listing only a few common connection strings. As time passed, more info was added and popularity started to grow. Since the beginning, the site has constantly evolved, by continuous research and a lot of help from people all over the world sending in material and requests, turning up into todays detailed reference.


This website aims at always being the number one independent source of information regarding how to connect systems to data. We strive to keep the content at high quality in a concise and accessible style. We constantly add and refine material, so that many situations and configurations as possible are covered. We believe that in doing so, every developer and IT professional is able to learn new ways and find new solutions to their problems in a quick and straight to the point way as swift as possible.

Communicate target developers

Are your products targeting the IT development area? Then you probably want to communicate your offering to millions of professionals, in the context of this, yearly 3M+ visits, very popular reference! We have some open opportunities. Please read more here.